Target Individuals,
Not Segments

Targeting the right individuals rather than segments can deliver a 60% increase in sales conversions.

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Segment Focused

Using traditional segment-based marketing tactics, like display ads and purchased lists, usually deliver response rates well below 1% because they treat the individuals as homogenous and the campaigns only contribute to more marketing pollution and wasted marketing budget.
  • Name: Unknown
  • Gender: likely female
  • Age: 35 to 55
  • Marital Status: Likely married
  • Geography: unknown
  • Interest: unknown
  • Email: unknown
  • Devices: unknown
  • Online: unknown
  • Behaviours: unknown

Data Driven

With CentricIQ’s proprietary people-based marketing approach, we help you target the right prospects within your market. Using data and intelligence with personalized messages across the most effective omni-channels (direct mail, email, digital etc.), your prospects will engage and become loyal customers.
  • Name: Sheila Williams
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 52
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Geography: Chicago
  • Interest: Cycling
  • Email:
  • Devices: iPhone 6s, HP Laptop
  • Online: CNN, Amazon, Citibank
  • Behaviours: Received DM, looked at product info online & mobile

Are you thinking it might take too much time to start seeing results, or start-up costs might be prohibitive?

Not with CentricIQ. We can have you going within the first month and start demonstrating results.