Start from the Ground Up

Hope isn’t a strategy. Choose HE and SHE over THEY.

Most marketing starts from the top – broad independent media choices and eventually descends down until you eventually (and hopefully) reach the individual you’re looking for.

Maybe you’re told they read a lot of magazines. Or they commute a lot. Or they are really into podcasts. Or they are adventurous and totally trying out SnapChat.

Flip your approach on its head!

You start with “they”. You plan for “they”. You over pay for “they”. But your real target is a “he” or a “she”.

You may get more granular as you descend toward target segments or audiences but along the way, you’re paying to eliminate all the people you don’t want, to hopefully get to the ones you do want.

You deserve more than hope. You deserve the individual. Get: Personal. Flip your approach on its head.

Start from the ground up.