Get: Loyalty

When it comes to your customer, loyalty always wins.

An improved Customer Lifecycle can increase the likelihood that they not only stay customers, but that they spend more, too. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations at every stage of the journey creates enthusiastic brand advocates that refer new business.

Simply put, our integrated and automated solution streamlines and optimizes the end-to-end Customer Lifecycle. Whether it’s superior engagement and exceptional on-boarding or memorable customer service, we can help surprise and delight every one of your customers. They’ll be more satisfied and with higher profitability, so will you.

Streamline and optimize the end-to-end Customer Lifecycle.

Our Customer Lifecycle solution starts by understanding the individual, how they became your customer, and what their full transactional history is. When we add on your own business process, custom loyalty strategies can be developed, deployed, and refined.

Our Customer Lifecycle solution will engage. It’ll reward. It’ll return. We offer 3 solutions that help keep customers loyal and become brand advocates:

Turn customers into brand advocates.

Customer Lifecycle

Loyal customers not only spend more, they buy more often, and stay with you longer. CentricIQ LINK™ , a  fully automated engagement platform, monitors customers through each stage and provides personalized messaging and content to inspire loyalty. It’ll also deliver upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Referral Program

Existing customers shouldn’t just promote and refer your product on their own, they should be proactively encouraged and rewarded for doing so. We’ll help you develop and execute a strong referral program with appropriate communications that escalate rewards, value-based discounts and KPI success metrics.

Win-Back Programs

Not all customers are actually active customers. Some are just dormant or some simply move on. Our Win-Back Programs re-engage and convert your latent customers to active customers.