Get: Intelligence

The devil may be in the detail but intelligence is in the data.

In today’s data driven world, developing robust business and marketing intelligence has become crucial to success. Let’s be clear: it all starts with intelligence. Intelligence allows you to really identify the person and their location. Intelligence identifies the best way to approach them and where they are in the buying process.

Intelligence highlights their total customer journey and buying process. Intelligence not only shows you their actions and inactions but it also helps you adjust over time. Intelligence actually leads to more intelligence. You get smarter. Your customers get happier and stay loyal.

Spreadsheet analytics? They’re not good enough anymore. There are just too many data sources inside your organization (let alone 2nd and 3rd party sources outside of it) to capture the complete and realistic view of the market and all of the opportunities it provides.

You need Data. You need Insight. We can help with both.

In today’s data driven world, Intelligence accelerates the total customer journey.

Gain intelligence from your data.


The first step in developing intelligence is the centralization of data from the many sources you have today. These sources need to be understood, selected, consolidated, integrated and enhanced into a single data warehouse. This process needs to be automated and to incorporate data from your 1st, 2nd and 3rd party sources along with capturing on-going marketing data from on-line and offline channels.

The CentricIQ LINK™’s data hub provides the robust, and flexible data environment to enable the centralization and integration of all data sources seamlessly and cost effectively.

Specific services include: Audit and Assessment, Data Cleaning, Data Enhancement and Data Collection and Integration

Analytics & Insight

With centralized data into the CentricIQ Link™’s Data hub, the next step is to create a vision and strategy for intelligence in your organization. This will help define the roadmap to becoming a data driven marketing organization.

CentricIQ’s experienced data and analytics team use the latest technologies and technics in predictive modeling, market segmentation, clustering, geo-targeting and pattern identification. They will create outputs in the form of data sets, static and dynamic reports and dashboards, so you can better attribute campaigns and target current and future customers.

Specific services include: Data Mining, Custom Segmentation, Predictive Analytics, Pattern Identification, Mapping and Location Intelligence, and Visual Reporting.