Get: Acquisition

Acquire customers more efficiently and spend wisely. Anyone can spend their way to success.

Customer acquisition costs are usually a pretty good indication of how effective your marketing is. Anyone can simply spend their way to success. Good marketers drive acquisition. Great marketers drive acquisition with an efficient spend and positive ROI.

But it doesn’t just happen.

Acquisition effectiveness needs to be an ongoing process that’s continually and precisely refined. It’s what we do. Our Customer Acquisition Management solutions target the individual, orchestrate journeys, and activate integrated online and offline communications that are continuously optimized. The result is improved customer engagement through the entire sales buying process.

Customer Acquisition targets individuals, orchestrate journeys (online & offline) and is continuously optimized.

Be smarter. Deliver better ROI.

Intelligent Targeting

You want to get personal with prospects? Start with the most extensive prospect dataset that represents over 90% of North American households, we can identify and classify prospects based on individual behaviors, look-alike modeling and propensity to purchase. Add in their online identifiers, geolocation and device data and you’ll get a much clearer picture of who they are and the best channel to reach them. It’s the person’s unique Customer Signature and with it, we target your best prospects.

Journey Orchestration

Every customer has a unique journey both offline and online. Once you understand it, you can plan and generate compelling interactions based entirely on what they do within it. But it doesn’t stop. Each action should trigger relevant responses, appropriate offers and promotions.

To be successful, you’ll need to capture historical information at the individual level, track and listen for their actions so you can respond, and unify those personalized responses in real time across all channels. We’ll help you map out the potential journeys, plug it into your current environment, and develop the logic so you’re ready to execute quickly.

Activation and Optimization

Your acquisition program needs to start small and grow with better intelligence, better insight, and greater success. For most clients, we begin with an individual based outreach engagement campaign and follow it up with re-engagement strategies, always-on listening, and agile decision making.

Not surprisingly, you’ll better understand each customer’s total journey if you define and measure KPI’s that align with business outcomes.