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It’s easy to understand why you need to Get: Personal. It’s quite another thing to put the plan in place so you can fully implement it. You may be nodding in agreement with everything we’ve said but are still left asking yourself, “now what?”

CentricIQ brings you a performance driven approach and robust technology platform which is modular by design to start small and scale up, and quick to take to market. We named it CentricIQ LINK™ .

CentricIQ LINK™ integrates the best in class technologies all in one platform: data management and analytics, omni-channel journey mapping and decisioning, content personalization, media buying and reporting dashboards.

You don’t have to install it or configure it or manage it. It’s modular and can be quickly customized, efficiently scaled, easily integrated with your current environment. Best of all, you only pay for performance.

Customer Signature

  • Data Hub
  • Identity Resolution
  • Intelligence & Insight

Customer Journey

  • Orchestration
  • Engagement
  • Classification


  • Optimize
CentricIQ LINK™ will help your organization: