Our Approach

Every organization has challenges. Here’s how we’ll approach yours.

As you can tell, we’re focused on the individual, intelligence, and performance. Our approach is built to ensure these outcomes exclusively match your needs. It features a 4-step process, best-in-class technology, continuous automation, and financial models. Sit tight. We’ll explain.

The Process:

It’s agile. It’s collaborative. It’s inclusive. It can even feature internal stakeholders, outside experts, or other agency partners. Regardless of who’s involved, here are the 4 steps we consistently follow:

1. Discover:

Identify new opportunities

2. Conceive & Design:

Create growth initiatives

3. Execute:

Implementation of initiatives

4. Measure:

Continuous analysis & intelligence optimization

The Technology:

CentricIQ LINK™ minimizes the technology investment you’ll need and reduces the headaches you’ll get. It integrates the best tech all in one platform: data management, omni-channel journey mapping and decisioning, content personalization, media buying, data analytics and reporting dashboards.

You don’t have to install it or configure it or manage it. It’s modular and can be quickly customized, efficiently scaled, easily integrated with your current environment. Best of all, you only pay for performance.

The Automation:

We’ve always viewed automation as critical to what we do. We’ve developed everything from personalized direct mail solutions and customer journey deployment to automating the process of identifying and classifying individuals across all channels and devices. With a requirement of split-second decisions, automation is key.

The Financial Model:

With clients across a wide array of categories, we understand the budget challenges marketers face so we have developed flexible financial models built on performance success rather than technology and consultancy.

As you know, you can’t flip the switch with your marketing tactics. Innovation has to be incremental. Luckily, our 10 X 10 innovation model can help you identify where you invest your money through the evolution. 80% should be allocated to your core activities. 10% should be used to make the core smarter and the remaining 10% should be invested to test and learn new initiatives such as the CentricIQ solutions.