Great marketing needs to Get Personal.

Today's marketing has to be smarter.

Marketing’s tough, isn’t it? It’s increasingly difficult to be heard in an endless sea of promotional noise. Sadly, many marketers turn to spending more money on more things in more places to more people. The result is marketing pollution – a continuous stream of irrelevant marketing that fills everything from mailboxes to inboxes and all the places in between.

Target people, not media.

There’s a reason media agencies are called media agencies. Ahem. They buy media. Instead of investing in the individuals who are closest to conversion, they “spray and pray” and hope some real prospects emerge along the way.

Is it worth weeding through all the people who have no interest in your product to get to the small number who do? No. It isn’t. Flip media buying on its head. Start from the ground up.

Get: Personal

When you market from the ground up, you’ll not only increase your marketing performance by 60%. You’ll get more information. You’ll get more insight. You’ll get more loyalty. And you’ll get more satisfaction out of developing customized communications that are relevant to all.

But it’s not a widget. It’s a process that is supported by solutions tailored to your business needs. To truly Get: Personal, you’ll need to:

1. Identify & Classify

When you start with the individual, you need to know exactly who they are. With an abundance of online and offline data, a legacy of customer actions and behaviors, and proprietary consumer information, you’ll be able to identify individuals and classify their propensity to buy. Not all prospects are alike. Get: Personal and you’ll know the difference between the good and the great.

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2. Personalize & Deploy

Every person has unique habits. He or she makes unique decisions. They exist in different channels. They have unique interests and desires. They have a unique path to purchase. And that requires personalized content delivered through unique media choices. Know the person. Target the person. Deploy directly to the person.

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3. Summarize & Optimize

Shhh…. Do you hear that? That’s the action and decision of the person you’re talking to, giving you even more insight. The entire journey can be summarized with what worked and what didn’t. What they did and what they didn’t. What was relevant and what wasn’t. With that critical knowledge, you’ll create a continuous process that gains intelligence and optimizes future engagements.

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